Limerick-uri 2

There was a señora of Spain
Who couldn't go out in the rain,
For she'd lent her umbrella
To Queen Isabella,
Who never returned it again.

There was an old man of Calcutta
Who spoke with a terrible stutter.
At breakfast he said,
"Give me b-b-b-bread.
And b-b-b-b-b-b-butter."

A railway official at Crewe
Met an engine one day that he knew.
Though he smiled and he bowed,
That engine was proud,
It cut cut him in two!

There was a young girl of Asturias
Whose temper was frantic and furious.
She used to throw eggs
At her grandmother's legs -
A habit unpleasant, but curious.

There was a young lady of Lynn
Who was so uncommonly thim
That when she essayed
To drink lemonade
She slipped through the straw and fell in.

There once was an old man of Nore,
The same shape behind as before.
They did not know where
To offer a chair,
So he had to sit down on the floor

There was a young man of Herne Bay
Who was making explosives one day;
But he dropped his cigar
In the gunpowder jar.
There was a young man of Herne Bay.

There was an old lady of kent
Whose nose was most awfully bent.
One day, I suppose,
She followed her nose,
For no one knows which way she went.


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